Friends of Heaton Moor Park

Peel Moat Road, Heaton Moor, SK4 4PH

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Friends of Heaton Moor Park

In Spring 1894 the site of Heaton Moor Park was given to the newly formed Heaton Norris District Council by Lord Egerton as a charitable trust for the free use and enjoyment of the public as a public play, pleasure and recreation ground. The prime mover in creating the park was Thomas Thornhill Shann, local resident and member of Heaton Norris Township Local Board until 1894, when he became chairman of the Recreation Grounds Committee of the new council.

1897 – The park was formerly opened on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee on 17th July, by Thomas Shann. The first bowling green, formal gardens and a bandstand were constructed during the years 1897-1910.

1910 - A second bowling green (now repurposed to a general playing area) was constructed, and 'tennis grounds' were in place by 1922

1930s – In 'The Path to Healthy and happy Homes', a guide to Manchester and district, Heaton Moor was described as 'one of the very best residential suburbs', 'ideal surroundings with pure fresh air, with many open spaces, delightful parks and recreation grounds, in which there are facilities for very outdoor game and amusement'.

Today the basic layout of Heaton Moor Park remains intact as originally planned, and trees planted in the early days now form a most attractive setting.


  • Crown bowling green

  • 5-a-side football pitch

  • Tennis court - show up and play basis

  • Formal layout and gardens

  • Toddler play area

  • Wildlife area

There are no parking facilities within the park although the surrounding streets offer parking opportunities