Friends of Rose Vale Park

Rose Vale, Heald Green

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Rose Vale Park Friends Group Heald Green have successfully been awarded a Community Network grant to refurbish the children's play area, Manchester airport have also donated funds and Cheshire Landscape Trust has donated 25 trees.

The Friends of Rose Vale Park started the group in January 2006 when the then Mayor Cllr Peter Burns told them that some money had been ring fenced by the council to improve the Rose Vale Park which at the time was in a poor state. As a result the group that formed the Friends, produced flyers which they distributed to all the people in the local area asking them what they would like to see done with the park. From this survey they got some feedback of the options that could be explored.

Plans have been drawn by designers which serve as a blueprint, and these have to be tweaked in some ways so that the park is easy to maintain by the council.

The land first of all needs extensive drainage, before anything can be done with it. The land had been given to the council by builders who due to the lack of drainage could not build on it at the time. Thereafter it will need landscaping, paths, an outdoor gym and a children's play area.