Stockport Nature Network

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The aim of the Stockport Nature Network (the Network) is to address issues of sustainability, biodiversity and conservation in the area of Stockport.


1. To provide a single point of contact for the consideration of nature and biodiversity issues within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport

2. To work in partnership with all interested parties, stakeholders, landowners, land managers and other agencies where issues of nature conservation and biodiversity arise.

3. To consult with officers of Stockport MBC when issues of nature conservation cause concern on publicly or council owned land.

4. To make representations when planning proposals or developments affect wildlife.

5. To act as a unified facility, when appropriate, to seek financial aid for wildlife and nature conservation projects from grant making authorities.

6. To explore and establish links with the private sector for the purpose of sponsorship of wildlife projects.

7. To receive and consider reports, when appropriate, from the various focus groups established under the Action Plan for Nature programme.

8. To promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services, minimise waste production, re-use and recycle.