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Funding Information

Group Funding

Every Group, however small, has costs that need to be met. You can check the Grant Finder section to find possible sources but most are for start-ups or for individual projects. For on going costs after your first year it is probable that you will have to raise some money yourselves. Thinking up novel ideas to raise small amounts of money is not too difficult, but plan ahead and don't leave it too late to start. The Activities for Groups section will give you ideas, many of the activities can be free or have a small charge involved.

Reading these 2 documents will help you in understanding the process of grant giving and make you more effective in writing applications

1.  Tips for writing grant applications - click

2. Tips from experienced fundraisers - click


Small Project Grants - See Grant Finder section

Generally, the smaller the grant the easier the application process. A history of gaining and handling smaller grants necessary before many larger grants can be applied for.

Large Project Grants - See Grant Finder section

There are several sources for grants for larger projects and naturally the application processes are not only complex but also have criteria in place that must be rigorously complied with.

Some points to consider when applying for a large grant are that the application meets the criteria of the grant, having a thorough public consultation, having support of local bodies (SMBC, a Councillor & the Forum) grants won, lost & applied for if part funding is needed, having permission of the land owner, being able to demonstrate that they have partners who can help with the whole process.

Stockport Greenspace Forum can look over applications for groups. Forum members have years of experience of making bids and can advise members on the way to phrase applications to attract funding.

Groups can apply for large environmental project money from funds such as the Lottery but to access Landfill Communities Funding the application must come from the Greenspace Forum which is a registered Environmental Body with ENTRUST.