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Grant Finder

At any one time there will be many grants available, being given often by commercial businesses putting a bit back into the community. Some small grants are relatively easy to get as long as you and your project are eligible. Some are on an annual rolling basis, others just one off initiatives.

Always read and thoroughly understand how and why the grant giver is giving the grants. Your project must be an exact match for you to have a chance of being successful, even with small grants.  Most grants are for what you are doing for people, not what you are doing for the park or the flora or fauna although biodiversity must always be included. Involvement of the local community before, during and after is another key component.

Greater Manchester Council have provided a website for sourcing grants at www.gmvss.net

For BIG Lottery grants there is a good information website here


Here a few other smaller grants that are available -


Stockport Council Local Area  Flexibility Fund 

Each Local Area committee has a small annual fund of 3000 to give to community based groups for start-up or one off projects. Maximum grant is usually 500.

B & Q One Planet Grants

The B&Q One Planet Living (OPL) Grant offers between 50 and 250 of B&Q materials to schools, community groups and charitable organisations for long-term sustainable projects. Each store has a budget and the grant year runs from February to September - get your application in early!

Action Earth Grant 

Only available March to July each year. OK, it's only 50 but that will buy tools and other equipment that you might not otherwise get funding for. So get your 50 worth!

B & Q Waste Donation 

Great for practical work and available all year round. Paint, wood, end of line clearance. Contact you local store (or stores!).

Also at B & Q Stockport there is usually a large choice of offcuts, sometimes substantial, by the wood cutting service. Perfect for repair work. Just ask if you are taking a lot of bits.

Biffaward Small Grants 

Available to some areas of west Stockport, including parts of Cheadle, Gatley, Heald Green, the Heatons and Reddish. 250 to 5000 available to make a difference to a local facility, be it a community building, nature reserve, cultural facility or outdoor space.

The Chestnut Fund - Grants for Conservation 

Administered through BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers). Grant upto 120 for Start up costs and Support grants of 350 (new groups can apply for both!).

Awards for All 

You can apply to Awards for All if you are a community group, not for profit group. Grants of 300 to 10,000 for improving environment and healthier lifestyles.

Stockport Impact 

If your group wants to start a health activity in your park then you may be entitled to the IMPACT grant. It is a one off grant and must be health and community based. Can be used for one off events like fun days.

Cooperative Community Fund 

Grants of 100 to 2000 for projects that are community based

Community Foundation for Greater Manchester 

Various grants for many different projects. As they handle 60 funding streams, many very specific, it is best to telephone and ask advice. They are very helpful.

ASDA Foundation Get Involved  Tell: 0161-429 9959, The Events Organiser

If your greenspace is in the vicinity of Asda talk to the Events Organiser and see if Asda can help. Grants can only be given after the store has had involvement with the project.

Community Re-Paint  (You'll love this one!)

Not a grant in money, but in paint! Paint is donated for use by voluntary groups.

Run by Tree of Life, Mr Jeremy Longman, St. Marks United Reform Church, Oatlands Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 1AH Tel:0161 4370835  tree-of-life01@hotmail.co.uk

International Tree Foundation - UK Tree Planting Grant

Grants of up to 500 for tree planting projects. Novel ideas with some match funding are especially welcomed.

Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund  

Grants of up to 3000 for environment and community benefit. Match funding would make an application more acceptable.

UK Villages Community Kitty 

Register your group on the website and you can apply for small grants of 50 - 300 for a clearly identifiable project.