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Media Information

We have built up a massive list of contacts on advertising in the media in Stockport, both on printed paper and digitally. There are some blanks in the list where we know the business exists but cannot identify up to date contact details.  As this area of business is constantly changing it is difficult to keep details up to date and we welcome any new contact information you have.

Contacting the Media

The most important thing to remember when contacting the media generally is to make life easy for them. Anticipate the information they want and do your homework on who is the right person to contact and when is the right time to contact them.

A journalist that has an opportunity for an ‘easy story’ is more likely to give you their time.

It is not worth sending out blanket e-mails to every newspaper and radio station in the country. The only ones interested in you are those that cover your area and there is no point in irritating others with lazy targeting.

Find out contact details for the local press such as local newspapers or radio stations. Contacting the editorial department in a newspaper or the newsroom in a radio station is normally best.

Once you have made contact, check to see if there is a specific reporter or journalist who would normally cover your area of interest.

Do some research. Listen to or read reports in the local press, find out what sorts of stories are covered by each media outlet in your local area. Is your story something they will be interested in?

Ask your press contact whether they prefer to receive press releases by e-mail, post or fax.

If you have any supporting material to accompany your press release, send a copy so they can use it if they chose.

Some people send their own photos to newspapers but subject to their diary commitments, most newspapers prefer to send their own photographer. Make sure you offer a photo opportunity giving dates and times when photographers can come along.

Don't be put off if your story is not printed, some times they can include your copy and others not.  Sending in a post-event story and a couple of photos can be a good idea to build up a relationship with the editor for local newspapers / magazines, some will get printed.

Finally, make sure you keep a record of which journalists and publications followed up your release. You may have found an ally for the future.