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Starting and Maintaining a Group

In most cases a green space group forms because of mutual concerns, or possible threats to a well loved park or green space, or even through sheer frustration at its declining state. Once a group is formed, reaching its ultimate goal may be a long process and lots of grit and determination is needed, but the rewards are many. Along the way friendships are gained, skills learnt, what seems like insurmountable obstacles are overcome, but best of all that park or green space is once again a thriving hub for the local community.


Stockport MBC have hundreds of parks and green spaces to look after, totalling 1698 hectares (4163 acres) and you may be surprised to know that local authorities have no legal obligation to maintain, or even provide parks and green spaces. Blame is usually apportioned to parks departments for the decline of parks and green spaces, but these departments struggle to meet the needs of our communities, often with reduced resources and staffing levels, due to budget cuts. The budgets of our parks departments are cut as those, such as social care and schools etc. rise and the parks and grenspaces suffer in turn. If our parks and green spaces are to be maintained voluntary help is needed. You can help by joining an existing green space group, or set up a new group if your favourite park or green space does not have one.

The basics of starting and running a new group can be found in the following documents -

The First Steps

Types of Groups

The Committee

A Bank Account

If any points are not clear or not covered, the Forum is here to help.